Monday, March 23, 2015

Bunny Bait Sweet Treat

I love this time of year!
The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming!
Spring is upon us and I have a yummy and easy treat
for you to make with the kids.
Bunny Bait!
All you need:
4 cups of Boom Chicka Pop
(or your favorite kettle corn)
1 cup of pretzels broken into small pieces
1 cup of pastel Easter M&M's
 1 cup of white chocolate melted
Parchment Paper
First, lay out a single sheet of parchment paper
Pour your popcorn onto the parchment paper
Next, layer on your pretzels and M&M's
Melt your white chocolate in the microwave
and drizzle over the top!
Simply Yummy!
Add this sweet Bunny Bait bag topper
and hand out to your friends!

You can find the Bunny Bait tag here!
Happy Easter!

Monday, March 2, 2015

You've been Egged!

What a winter!  Anyone ready for spring?
It has been so cold here in Dallas!
I have been dreaming of those crisp spring morning
and warm afternoons!
Bring on Spring!
What better way to do that than to start
planning all of the Easter fun that is ahead of us.
Why not Egg your neighbors?
Don't worry we are talking about eggs of the plastic variety.
Grab the kiddos, stuff some eggs with candy and toys and egg away!
Print 2 of these fun Printables that I designed just for you
and leave in the yard!
(see below for printable sign)
Hopefully they will pass on the love to the next neighbor or friend!
My kids love to ring the doorbell then run and hide so
that they can watch the fun!
If you have older kids that want to play along,
stuff the eggs with candy and a glow in the dark bracelet
so that they can be easily spotted at night.
Ring the doorbell and run!
We have been doing this for years and it is so much fun!
I hope that your family can adopt one this fun tradition too!
Happy Easter!
Just right click, save, and print!

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