Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Totally cool.....Neon Glow Party

It that time of year for me and my house hold....
Birthday Party Season.

With 3 birthdays in April and May,
It is 2 of my favorite months of the year.

My oldest daughter Abby celebrated her
last year in the single digits....(tear)
a few weeks ago with a
super cool Glow in the Dark Neon party!

What started as a pretty simple
"just a sleepover" party, grew into one of my
favorite parties I have planned.

On with the party.....

I designed these invitations to set the scene
 for a fun night!
"Will you be Glowing?"

The girls were asked to come in there favorite
neon or white outfit so that they would
reflect the black lights!
Abby's BFF's.....

For the table, I used glittered hot pink scrapbook paper
for the placemats topped with the paper goods and glow stick
utensils.  The girls loved the utensils!

The table decor was kept simple with the addition of these
fun glow stick spheres.


I found these neon tambourines that my "party stylist" in the making
thought would make great coasters!
I think she was right!
Glow stick straws were added for fun!

The girls made flip flops with neon
fabric and puff paint.

After pizza and crafts, the girls headed upstairs to get there first look
at the party!  It was so fun to see there faces.
I wanted to be a kids again!

This is where the photography got a little tricky!
It is hard for a non-trained photographer to take glowing photographs.
I did my best!

Lots of black lighting made for a cool glow throughout the room.

Glow stick chandelier greeted the girls.

Grab a Bag and Let's glow!

The girls filled there beauty bags with
nail files, glow in the dark hand sanitizers,
neon sunglasses, neon socks, combs and more....

I was not finding the material that I liked for
backdrops so, I created two very fun backdrops myself.
First was a post note backdrop!
 Post it notes....

The second, was made from neon bowls!
I loved how it turned out.

The neon bowl backdrop was perfect for the sweets table!
Gumballs, cookies, neon gummy worms and
cotton candy on glow sticks...YUM!
The girls grabbed a sack filled it to the top!
The girls loved these cookies from the Cookie Jar!
She designed these just for Abby.
The girls danced the night away and sang karaoke
for the next few hours before it was time to cut the cake!

Beautiful cake from the outside....
to the inside.....

The girls continued the party back upstairs
'til the sugar rush wore off. 
I had such a great night hanging out with these
beautiful girls!
If you would like to create your own
neon glow in the dark party
see all of the vendors below!
Paper goods can be found in my shop

Vendor Directory:
Styling and Printables:  Simply Creative Printables
Cookies:  A Cookie Jar
Cake:  Mugs Bakery
Mini Treat Bags:  Pick Your Plum


  1. how did you stick the bowls on the wall?

    1. The bowls were hot glued onto white cardboard. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. How did you do the post it note decoration? That looks so awesome!

  3. How did you do the post it note decoration? That looks so awesome! Thanks for sharing information.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I linked to this post in my Glow Party series.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing and stopping by my blog!

  5. This looks awesome! where did you get the glow in the dark stick utensils? thank you for sharing..... My daughter is turning 16 and she wants out of space theme, I am thinking glowing all the way!!! Lol

  6. What kind of bowls did you use? Is it bowls and plates or just bowls?

  7. Congratulations on pulling off such an electrifying event! Your Neon Glow Party was a mesmerizing experience, and it's evident that you put a lot of effort into creating a vibrant and unforgettable atmosphere. The neon lights, dazzling decor, and lively energy must have made it an incredible night. Your creativity truly shone through, and it's inspiring to see how you turned a simple idea into a neon-lit extravaganza. Here's to more fantastic parties and celebrations in the future!


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