Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NYE 2012 Freebie for you!

It's almost here!
You know the drill!

Well, I have some cute new FREE printables
to add to your NYE party fun!

First is this 8 x 10 sign..
Keep Calm and Kiss Me at Midnight!

Next, Free Drink Flags
These are great on straws and swizzle sticks as well!

Fold Over Food labels are great for
place settings or food labels.....

Resolution Plate Cards...
A fun way to write down and keep handy
to achieve your goals for 2012!

And finally, if you are needing a hostess gift,
why not give the gift of wine with these
wine tags!

Hope you have a fabulous New Year!
Thank you for making 2011 a memorable one!
Now go and download your own printables from scribd!
Look for the box on the right side of my blog!

Monday, December 19, 2011

2 inch Circle Cutter Tutorial

I am often asked...
"How do I cut my printables into round or scalloped circles?"
"Do I have to cut all of these by hand?"

I always assume that everyone knows...
Well, I am here to help you make some beautiful
cupcake toppers and accents for your parties!

1.  Print out your 2 inch circle printables
and trim off the bottom edge.

2.  Next take your handy 2 inch Circle Cutter,
turn it over like so....

3.  Center one of the squares along the bottom row
inside your cutter....

4.  Cut into a scalloped circle and continue
until all 4 circles have been cut along the bottom row.

5.  Next, trim the bottom row and repeat cutting
with your circle cutter.

Repeat all of the steps until you have your entire sheet cut!

There you go!
I hope that helps all of you create some beautiful items for your parties!
Happy Cutting!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elf Sized Donuts

Check out these very cute elf sized donuts that
I found over at Pinterest via The Unconfidential Cook!

They are actually Cherrios!
My kids would love to make these!
I am thinking these will be a great addition to my
daughter 2nd grade Christmas party.

Can you guess the theme......

Pin it!