Friday, April 30, 2010


I have missed you all the last couple of days!
I have been preparing for a
"Girl's Night In" at my casa!
A few months ago I blogged about a company called Picnik!
Picnik is an online photo editing site!
They are awesome!
Well, they saw my post and asked me to host a House Party for them! had to ask?
Me? Host a party?
I was very excited and the party is tonight!
Since it is all girls and it is close to Cinco de Mayo...
I thought "One Hot Tamale" would make a great
theme for my girls night!

Here is a little peak.....

Thank you to Susan at Poca Cosas for the Mexican flower idea!
And to Parties by Hardie who made these labels for me
in a DAY!
My theme idea was last minute!
She was so helpful is getting these labels done for me!
Have a Great Weekend.....
Hot Stuff!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Treat Jar Tags

I am stalker...I mean Big Fan
They have the best printables around!
And they are free!
Check out these very cute labels I found for
Treat Jars!
Check them out here and Download them for yourself!
These would be great for Teachers Appreciation Week!
Bubble Gum Bribes.......Love it!

What a fun label for a basket for Mother's Original!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Can you Dig It?

I can dig this!
I found this very cute little boys party
on The Smiths Blog!
I don't do a lot of boys theme parties...
mainly because I have 2 girls and
no boys in sight!
My 16 year old nephew won't
go for this type of party!
But, I had to share these very cute party details!
So, on with the party!
When the Guests...I mean "Construction Workers"
arrived, they received a Tool Belt and a Personalized Hard Hat.
Check out that Orange Cord wreath on the door!
Love it!

Goodies the Orange "Wrecking Balls"!

I absolutely love the Orange Cone Drink Cups!
And that cute!

Painting....Photo Op.....Favors! Oh my!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Eat Dessert First!

I am currently working on a 40th birthday celebration
for my sweet husband!
I have been looking at cake designs and although
I have seen some nice cakes, I just haven't found that one yet!
In the mean time I have decided to have mini desserts!
As in these very tasty Dessert Shooters!
These are so fun and you can make so many flavors
that there should be something for everyone!
I found some great ones at a sweet little bakery
called Buttercream!

I really need your help!
I know my tastes but,
I would love to get your opinions!
So leave a comment and tell
me your favorite!
So here are the flavors:

Raspberry Marble Chambord
Layers of Chocolate and White Cake infused with Chambord
Raspberry Mousse topped with a fresh Raspberry

White Cake infused with Amaretto Liquor
Amaretto filling and Toasted Almonds


Devils Food Cake, Creme De Menthe Chiffon and Crushed Cookies

Baileys Irish Cream

Dark Chocolate Cake soaked in Baileys, Baileys Mousse and Crushed Cookies

Fuzzy Navel

White Sponge Cake soaked in Peach Schnappes, Buttercream Mousse and Candied Lemon


Chocolate Cake, Marshmallow Filling and Graham Crackers

What's your Favorite?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mega Giveaway!

The mother of all giveaways is here for the taking!
Run....Run...Run.... as fast as you can
and leave a comment for a chance to
win a Classic Custom Party Theme Package!

Worth $125 to $250!!!
Check it out here!

Can you believe this is what you get!
GASP! I know!

2 Color Scheme Suggestions
2 Invitation Design Suggestions
2 Invitation Wording Suggestions
5 Suggested Menu & Beverage Items (appropriate for age of guests and time of party)
2 Birthday Cake or Cupcake Design Suggestions
1 Party Activity Suggestion
2 Party Game Suggestions
1 Party Craft Suggestion
3 Party Favor Suggestions (including packaging suggestions)
2 Tableware Suggestions (includes: table covering, plates, cups, flatware, napkins, centerpiece)
2 Decoration Suggestions
2 Party Ware Suggestions (hats, bunting, etc)

Vintage Owl Party

I have been searching the web over for fun Owl Party ideas
that I can add to the party I am planning in May.
I found this beautiful party over at
I love the charm and simplicity of
this party that celebrated the 1st year
of life for one sweet little girl!

Check out all the details!

The cake toppers were made by the host herself !
The wooden doll and an owl which was gifted to her by her grandmother.
Table of flowers lanterns and owl vases....
That is one seriously cute pinata!
Custom made for the party!
Check out this party and everything owl
over at My Owl Barn

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monkey Around...

I found some cute little invites today
These very cute invites were
made by a friend throwing her
a sock monkey themed baby shower!

Such a cute idea!
I love boxed invites with sweet little surprises inside!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

And the Winner is....

The winner of the Target Gift card is...
# 20 Tami Girl!
Thanks for all of those that commented
on how you celebrate your birthdays!
They were all great!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Petite Productions

Sorry for the lack of posts this week!
I have been really struggling getting well!
I have had 4 illnesses in 2 weeks!
It kept me away from my party friends
and that made me feel even worse!
Well, today I have a sweet little party feature
from Petite Productions!
I just found this Party Gal last night and I am
in love with her work!
Check out this cute take on Winnie the Pooh
Check out that diaper cake!
I thought that was the cake!

Here is the cake!
One Word....Amazing!
I love all of the tropical colors
and of course how they Incorporated
the character into the party,
so subtle.
Check out her website here
and look at the gallery of parties!
I wanted to share them but they were
on a slide show.
So go over and check them out!
You will not be disappointed!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Give a Hoot!

I am really enjoying working on my daughters
Owl Birthday party!
Here is a little idea that I thought
would make a cute party favor!
Want to make you own party animal?
What you need:
Owl template
Scrapbook Paper
Exacto Knife
Party Horn
What to Do:
1. Download the owl template here
2. Trace and cut out the owl design parts
3. Glue them owl parts together
4. Cut a "X" with the exacto knife
under the owls nose
5. Insert the party horn through the "X"

There you have it!
I did make something a little extra for my owl..
A party hat!
Which you can make by just cutting a triangle
and attaching to the back of the owl!

Cake Ball Wedding Cake

I love, love Cake Balls!
I love everything about them!
So, when I found this great company just south
of me in Austin Texas I had to share their
fantastic work!
Stacey Bridges is the co-founder of
She has a background in Costume Design
so, it is no wonder that her
cake balls are so unique!
Check out these fabulous designs!
Modern and Elegant Wedding Table....

Bride and Groom Cakes.....

I am dying over this one!

What an awesome idea for a Grooms Cake!

They can make special designs for any event!

And the best news is that if you are not in the Austin Area
you can still order these little treasures and have
them shipped to you!
Red Velvet
Vanilla Bean
Lemon Drop
German Chocolate
Chocolate Espresso...
Need I continue?
Order yours

Monday, April 12, 2010

Button on Board and Giveaway!

Happy Monday!
I am so excited to share with you
something new to my blog!
I got my very own Blog Button!
Check it out to the left!
I am very excited about it!
This was a Happy Blog Birthday present
from a Sweet Little Chick!
Melissa over at Silly Bee's Chickadees!

How sweet is that?
If you have never checked out her blog
RUN...don't walk over and check it out!
I have featured this cool chick on my
blog in the past...
Check out her Sweet Bee Party here!
So, to celebrate the her kindness
I thought I would pay it forward and
have a giveaway!
I will be giving one lucky winner a
$20 Target Gift Card!!
You have until Friday April 17th at midnight CST
to enter!
Good Luck to you all!

Ways to enter:
1. Leave a comment about how you celebrate your birthday
2. Become a follower and leave a comment
telling me you have done so.
3. Blog about the giveaway and leave a separate comment
telling me you have done so.
4. Add my button to your blog and leave a separate comment
telling me you have done so.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Needing a little Vitamin C

I have been told that with all of
the viruses that I have had this week
that I should be taking more vitamin C!
Well, I prefer mine in liquid form!
So I put together this little eye candy
of Orange Drinks...What shall I have first?
Hey....It's the weekend Right?
Can you blame me?

1. Screwdriver

2. Mimosa

3. Blood Orange Margarita with Ginger

4. Orange Blossom

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whoooo wouldn't love this party?

I will be throwing an Owl themed party for
my daughter who is turning 3 in May.
She loves owls and loves going to bed
at night in her owl themed room!
So, I have been searching the web for ideas.
I didn't have to look far since there have been
some really cute events!
Baby Showers , Birthday Parties and even Weddings
with owl themes.
Here is a cute little owl party that I hadn't seen before!
I thought I must share.
I love the colors....obvious from my Under the Sea party.
This lovely party was simple and cute!
Cupcake Table....
Lovely colors....
The kids had story time
and made these cute owl collages...
I guess I will not be using these colors
since I just had a party with
blue and orange...
So, I am going with Pink, Brown and Yellow!
What do you think?
I will have my owl inspiration board up soon!
Come back to see all of the details!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Down and Out!

Hello to all of you great party gals..oh and boys too!
I have been a bad blogger this week!
I am down and out but hope to be back soon!
First there was allergies...Texas wind has not been good to me!
Next came...PINK eye!
And then came Strep throat!
Not all 3 at the same time!, hopefully I can come back soon!
Thanks for hanging with me!

By the way...isn't that a cute Water Bottle Cover?
Find it here!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pinwheel love

I have been oohhh and awwwing
over pinwheel parties all over
some wonderful blogs.
Easter came fast after planning my
daughters Under the Sea party!
So, I was short on ideas and time!
So I thought I would try my hand at making
pinwheel cupcake toppers!

Here is what I made for my family.

I found a great tutorial at Kelly Johnston Blog!
Check out the details here!
And special thanks to
Parties By Hardie for creating
these Printable Easter Designs!
Find more at her Etsy Store Here!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
I am so thankful for all of you!
Here are my two precious bunnies!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Peeps Show...

I have been looking for a favor for Easter
and I have found it!
Head over to No Fuss Fabulous
where you will find the directions

Thanks No Fuss Fabulous!

Pin it!