Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Give a Hoot!

I am really enjoying working on my daughters
Owl Birthday party!
Here is a little idea that I thought
would make a cute party favor!
Want to make you own party animal?
What you need:
Owl template
Scrapbook Paper
Exacto Knife
Party Horn
What to Do:
1. Download the owl template here
2. Trace and cut out the owl design parts
3. Glue them owl parts together
4. Cut a "X" with the exacto knife
under the owls nose
5. Insert the party horn through the "X"

There you have it!
I did make something a little extra for my owl..
A party hat!
Which you can make by just cutting a triangle
and attaching to the back of the owl!


  1. I am having an owl/woodland party May 8th. I can't wait! Owls are so cute.

  2. The template for this owl is exactly what I was looking for! My cousin's nuts about them at the moment so going to try and make her an owl-shaped bag using this template. We'll see how it goes!


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