Monday, April 26, 2010

Can you Dig It?

I can dig this!
I found this very cute little boys party
on The Smiths Blog!
I don't do a lot of boys theme parties...
mainly because I have 2 girls and
no boys in sight!
My 16 year old nephew won't
go for this type of party!
But, I had to share these very cute party details!
So, on with the party!
When the Guests...I mean "Construction Workers"
arrived, they received a Tool Belt and a Personalized Hard Hat.
Check out that Orange Cord wreath on the door!
Love it!

Goodies the Orange "Wrecking Balls"!

I absolutely love the Orange Cone Drink Cups!
And that cute!

Painting....Photo Op.....Favors! Oh my!


  1. so creative! I love all the details, but the cord wreath is so extra genius!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. Thank so much for the feature, i am beyond flattered!! I'm now following along so I can't wait to be inspired by your blog!!

    (I apologize if you get two comments from me, the first one wasn't showing I reposted)


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