Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Elves Wanted: Holiday Class Party

I know we have not even gotten to Halloween yet...
But I am so far behind I am just now sharing my
daughters 2nd grade class party from last year!

On with the party and details!
I decided on an Elves Wanted theme party!

Classic colors of Red, White, and Green decorations
As you know with class parties, you have about 30 minutes to set up!
That puts party people to the test!
I love the rush though!
Does that make me crazy?

Here are the details....

The kids had sweet treats and played a few games and crafts!
Cupcakes serve a crowd!

I used a cardboard box and wrapped it up with white paper like a gift!

I used a second smaller box to display these swirled lollipops.

Popcorn and sweets!
One of the kids favorite treats are Rice Kripies!
I drizzled these with red chocolate and arranged them standing
for a more interesting display.
I hand stamped these flat spoons with "Fa, La, La, La, La",
and inserted them into the treat!

My very sweet cookie friend on Etsy at
made these cookies specifically to match my
printable set!  They were so cute...and TASTY!

After a few treats it was time for Reindeer games....
Pin the nose on the Reindeer!

Each student decorated a cocoa cup insert
to take home and enjoy over the holiday break.
This was my last year to host an intimate class party!
This year it is done as a grade level?
How does you school do it?

Never to early to start planning those holiday parties!
You can find all of these Elf Printables in my Etsy Shop!
Come by and see this party and many others!

Vendor Sources:
Cookies:   A Cookie Jar

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monster Mash Bash

Halloween is just a few weeks away...
WAIT...Did I just say that?

I have hosted a few Halloween parties over the years
Halloween Glam, Halloween Witch...etc.
This year I wanted to try something a little less girly
and kid friendly! 


So, I hosted a Halloween Monster Mash Bash
block party and scavenger hunt.

It was full of more treats than tricks...
We started the party by dividing up into 2 groups
for the scavenger hunt!

I designed these cards to make it easy for the
both groups to roam the neighborhood
looking for Halloween themed items.

Lucky us because my city is hosting a
Halloween decorating competition
so it was fairly easy for the kids
to find most of the things on their lists.
Just check out this yard!

I just love this picture of my daughter running with her scavenger list!
Such a competitor she is!

Wouldn't you know it,there was a tie!
The kids each got a Goody bag prize for
the scavenger hunt!
Each bag was filled with Halloween
themed items and candy.

After all of the roaming and searching,
the kids all came back for a sweet treat!

I keep the place setting simple with
scrapbook paper as a place mat in the party colors of
Orange, Black, Green, and Purple.

I found these cute eyeball rings at a party store
and thought it would make a fun napkin ring!
I think it turned out pretty cute!

For an added touch, I attached eyes to a fuzzy balls
and then glued them to the forks and spoons!

The kids sipped Monster Drinks from
these glass jars accented with a
stripped straw!
I found these fun pencil toppers to place a top
the straws!
Scary cute.....

The kids enjoyed sweet treats like
Cupcakes and Brownies.

Test Tubes of Monster Eyeballs....

 It was a fabulous time!
You can find all of the Monster Printables
in my Shop HERE!

Even the Mummy's A.K.A Mommies,
went home with a sweet treat!
Chevron bags filled with dark chocolates!

Hope you all have a fabulous Halloween!

Vendor Sources:
Printables:  Simply Creative Printables
Party Styling:  Simply Creative Insanity
Chevron bags:  Pick your Plum
Striped Goody Bags:  Pick Your Plum

Friday, October 5, 2012

Spooky Spider Web....

Looking for a fun, inexpensive and easy
party favor to do with the kiddos this Halloween?

How about these
Spooky Spider Web Treats!

Here is what you will need:

Clear Cello Bags
Cotton Candy
Plastic Spiders
and these fun tags!

You can find the tags HERE!

Happy Haunting!

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