Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bella Bee Workshop

The pink poodle party would not have been complete without Regina Boyett of Noah's Ark Workshop! I have always been 100% into doing my childrens parties myself, but, I have to tell you this was the best thing I have ever done for a party!
She was fabulous!
I didn't even have to worry about a goody bag!
They got to take all of the products home in their own purse!
One of the things I liked best about the Bella Bee Workshop is that there is a lesson with every workshop....not just a make up party!
My daughter choose Pink Cottoncandy and the lesson was Confidence. See all choices below! They learned about inner beauty and to be kind to others!
Great Party....and Fantastic Entertainer!

There are 4 colors/flavors available:

Pink- Cottoncandy Blue- Bubblegum Purple- Grape Fuschia- Berry

There are 4 Character lessons available:
Confidence Friendship Caring Truth

For the Birthday girl.......Abby got a keepsake album
Inside were noted with why they loved Abby

Here are a few:

She has a pretty smile
She is nice
She is pretty
She is fun to play with

She will cherish that forever and keeps the book on her dresser to look at!

Fantastic event for all.....especially me who got to sit back, watch and enjoy!

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