Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...

What do you think?
Chocolate Apples..Mickey and Minnie Style!
My girls would love these...
I only wish I could remember where I saw them!
Bad Blogger...Bad Blogger!
If you know I would like to give them credit!
Then...I would like to make them!


  1. Can I suggest Marceline's Confectionery since that is what it says on the little ticket in the tray....!!

  2. i just bought one at downtown disney! the ears are chocolate dipped marshmellows

  3. I think they put the stick in the apple, dip it in caramel and while the caramel is still warm they put the marshmallows on it and let it all harden. Then I think they dip all of it in the warm chocolate (heat the chocolate in a double boiler) and then dip the bottom in a bowl of the colored sugar and maybe use a little warm chocolate on the back of the jelly beans to make them stick. The only thing I can't figure out how they make is Minnie's bow. This is all me guessing, but you could give it a try, I know I'm going to, hope it helps! =]

  4. These cute treats can be found in Downtown Disney at Goofy's Candy Company just across from Rainforest Cafe! :)


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