Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Rustic Tablescape

I like laid back feel of this table.
And I am in love with the cheese boards at each place setting!
Did you see those?
(I know the pictures are small!)
First, use a piece of burlap as a table runner.
Dress it up with live garland, rosemary, red and gold ornaments,
gold picks, and cranberry twigs.

Twelve-inch porcelain tiles are used as plate chargers.
You will probably want to use some felt circle
on the bottom so that you won't scratch your table.

Use olive oil bottles wrapped with jute twine knotted at each end
finished with rosemary and name tags.
These make perfect party favors for guests.

Now for the Cheese Board!
Step 1: Cut a 1 x 6 x 6 oak board into six 12-inch-long pieces.
You could have this done at your local hardware store.
Step 2: Cover your work surface with a drop cloth.
Wearing gloves, apply butcher-block oil (or mineral oil) to all sides of each board.

Step 3: Wipe excess oil using a cloth, and allow to dry.
Apply two to four coats for best results.
Place the boards at each place setting with a bunch of grapes, apple slices, and cheese!
What a great way to start your meal!
(pictures via Lowes Creative Ideas)

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