Monday, February 1, 2010

1920's Speakeasy Mood Board

1920's Speakeasy Mood Board

This summer I will giving my husband
a 40th birthday.
I am so excited!
Set in the 1920's,
we will recreate an old Speakeasy!
Casino and all!
Lots of Art Deco and Black and White...
And of course I will have to do a Black and White Dessert Bar!
Everyone dressed in their Flappers and Zoot Suits too!
So, I created this mood board to
help me plan!
More details in the months to come!


  1. Looks fabulous and sounds really fun to plan!

  2. I can see drink flask party favors. It was the prohibition correct?

  3. I had a 1920's Great Gatsby surprise party for my husband 2 years ago!!! It was so much fun! Enjoy the planning!


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