Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Old Fashion and Partiotic

Looking for some ideas for celebrating the long
Labor Day weekend?
Well, check out these lovelies from
Olivia at Field Journal.
These are pictures from her 4th of July celebration
that could be used for any patriotic celebration!

She designed all of the paper details...

The "Set Up"...can't get more classic than this!

I love this idea....I will be using it soon!

And of course, DESSERT!
Custom cone labels that read "Sweet Land of Liberty"

Makes me want to sit on the porch with my hair blowing
in the wind drinking a cold one!
What are you plans for the weekend?
Any traditions?


  1. I just created some cute free labor day topper printables. Check them out here:

  2. I am so borrowing the soda pop bucket banner-it is too cute!


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