Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chic Princess and the Frog

I love it when you can take a character theme
party and turn it into an ultra chic and fun
theme without all of that Disney stuff!
Don't get me wrong....
I love Disney!
My kids love Disney!
But, they can keep their
plates, napkins and cups...
no offense.
This party was styled by Krista Salmon
for her daughters 5th birthday.
Theme was Princess and the Frog.
Look at all of the lovely details!
So pretty!
Pretty enough for a wedding...don't you think?
Amazing lily pad cake...
Cooking theme carried throughout....
Goody bags with initialed aprons,
Tiana's, cookbook, and frog cookie cutters!
Check out all of the resources and many more details


  1. Very pretty! That cake is amazing!

  2. Amazing!! I agree with you, Disney is awesome, but they can def keep their plates.

  3. Hello, fellow CPN member - just discovered your very sweet blog! Great inspiration. Just followed for you:) I'm not really into licensed character parties - this is definitely lovely. Come visit me @ All the best, Jane:)

  4. This is so pretty! I agree with you about Disney too...cute but ya, they can keep their plates. :)


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