Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Entertaining Tips

With summer entertaining in full swing,
 I thought I would share some tips
for your next Summer party!

All of these tips will make your life much easier
and make entertaining a breeze!
I am planning a summer Pizza Grilling Party soon
and I will be following these easy tips.

As you can imagine, grilling pizzas can be quite messy so,
 I was thrilled when I was asked to be a
 Kleenex Hand Towel Ambassador.

1.  Keep it simple and cohesive with a theme. 
I have hosted many parties and weather it is formal, casual, kids or adults,
having a theme helps tie the party together.

2.  Use what you have.
Be creative with items you already own. 
Turn a cup and a plate into a treat stand or cheese platter.
Homegrown herbs and flowers arranged in jars
or even soup cans serve as centerpieces.

3.  Prepare as much as food as possible a day or two in advance.
Sounds easy enough but you will not realize how much of a time saver this is.
Your day will run smooth with less stress and the dishes will be bursting flavor.

4.  For hands on occasions, like outdoor BBQ's,
have plenty of  Kleenex Hand Towels available.
 The Pop-Up delivery system is a cleaner option for guests
instead of using a damp and overused towel.
5.  Enjoy the Party!
When you are enjoying the party it puts your guests at ease.
They will have a sense that everything has been taken care of.
A room full of happy guests equals a very happy hostess!

I received free product samples and other goodies from
Kleenex Hand Towels to do this review but, the opinions are 100%
my own.

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