Monday, June 1, 2009

Backyard Movie Party

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After our family trip 2 years ago to San Antonio, I have been thinking about the dive in movie that they had at the resort! So, why host a regular old backyard barbecue this summer when you could have a backyard movie night for cheaper than the cost of the barbecue and your guests will remember long after "The End".
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There are a few thing that are a must!

1. A video/DVD Projector
2. Popcorn
3. Blankets
(you even could do b.y.o.blanket)

As far as the dvd projector, it's possible to rent state-of-the-art high definition projectors for as little as $99 for a weekend from Web sites like Place your order online and have the projector shipped directly to your home. The projectors play standard DVDs.
For a really nostalgic flare, project onto a large white bed sheet or a wall rather than a rented screen.

I think these movies would be great for the kids:
Surf's up
Finding Nemo
Free Willy
Night at the Museum

Now for the snacks of course!
I think this is a party that you could keep it simple but very cool!
For the popcorn, you could set up a popcorn bar with different seasoning jars! White Cheddar, Ranch, Carmel Pecan, and butter of course.
Check out this link I found if you wanted to make the flavored popcorn ahead of time
They have a recipe for Kahlua Carmel Popcorn!!! YUMMY!

If you have a fire pit you could have packages of Jiffy Pop ready to fire up!

How fun would that be?

Now, if you are wanting to have a little more than just popcorn check out these
Snack bar strategies:

Candy buffet:
Fill glass apothecary jars with colorful loose candies.

Casual choices:
Serve freshly grilled hot dogs with all the condiments

Or indulge your inner child :
Cotton-candy makers
Hot-dog steamers
Popcorn carts
Nacho machines

Gourmet options:
Champagne on ice
A platter of prosciutto and melon
Take-out sushi
Crostini and dips

Simple or gourmet, child or adult, everyone will have fun at your backyard movie party!


  1. Donna at does this very thing and it looks so fun! There are SO MANY themes you could go with!! :)

  2. I will have to check it out! I would love to host this party too!


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