Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where in the World Party?

OK...OK!!! I know that their seems to be a lot of pink around here!
I can't help it with 2 little princesses running around here!
So, I have devoted the rest of my week to parties that boys would enjoy too!
The first party this week is a
"Where in the World" Party!
I think this would be a perfect party for boys........um........and girls too!
This is definitely a party for kids probably around the age of 8.
Not to much older or younger...just my opinion though!
On with the party!
Send out a handwritten postcard as an invite!
Party decor!
Maps centerpieces
Postcards from around the US
State symbols from your state or states you have lived in.
Party Fun!
At the beginning of the party give each guest a compass.
Let them practice in the backyard by given them directions
to follow like "Go 10 paces North"
Once they have the hang of it divide the group into teams
Give each team a treasure map that included instructions such as
" Walk 20 paces West"
If the team follows the directions correctly, they will find the treasure!
The Treasure at the end should represent a state!
So, you could have a little bag of Hershey kisses for each guest with the state Pennsylvania on it
or a bag a peanuts with Georgia. You could offer so many different things! Be Creative!

State your own snack mix!
Have bowls of snacks set out representing different states
then put a state "flag" in each bowl.
Each child can make there own snack to take home with them or enjoy right then!

Here are a few ideas for snacks

Alabama: Pecans
Florida: Oranges
Idaho: Potato Strings
Pennsylvania: Chocolate kisses
Maine: Blueberries
Massachusetts: Cranberries
New York: Apple
Oregon: Hazelnuts
Georgia: Peanuts
Illinois: Cracker Jacks
Main Dishes!
Texas: Chili
Wisconsin: Cheese
Vermont: Ham
Idaho: Potato Skins or French Fries
Illinois: Chicago Style Pizza

You can adjust your menu around your state!
I found these food facts at www.foodtimeline.com
They had some very interesting facts on there!
You could use these fun facts on scrapbook paper throughout the party like......
Cracker Jacks were introduced in 1893 at the Chicago World Fair.
And of course...you can't forget the All- American Apple Pie Bars!

(photo courtesy of Kids Parties Magazine)


  1. This is such a neat idea for a theme. I love it. I suppose North Dakota would be either a jar of honey or maybe a loaf of bread or hey, maybe sunseeds. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I thought it was a cute idea...don't know what kind of reception it would get with the kids but it is definately something different! I think boys would like the savenger hunt!
    Good to know about North Dakota! I had fun learning about each state!!


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