Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun and Spooky Halloween Party

Well, Halloween has come and gone!

I have to say it went by too fast!
Here are all of the Spooky and Fun things I did for Halloween.
My first attempt at a Desert table....

Candycorn Marshmallow on acrylic boxes filled with Candy corn
made for a great display.......this would be good for any candy party!

The little mice loved all of the sweet snacks.....
Kids treats favor table....

Good Witch Gumballs and Gummie Insects....YUMMY!
Tantalizing Gummy Fangs and Witches Brooms....
The Boo-Feet Table...
Bone Chilling Chili was on the menu...
Boo Doo Lounge...
Jones Soda's are always great for themes
Hot Stuff Hot Chocolate!

I have been wanting to throw a party just to have a Photo Wall!
The kids had so much fun with all of the Props...
They decided to take over the dining room and Danced the night away!

Ring the Witches Hat Game...

And finally, let's all go home to our Mummys....


  1. Everything turned out wonderfully! You did a great job!

  2. Everything looks great! Your candy corn marshmallows turned out so cute-much better than mine! :)

  3. you did an awesome job! i love the marshmallows!

  4. Well it looks like your Halloween was a huge success. Such cute things you do, Brandy! I'm sure your female adult guests are cursing you under their breath when they come for your parties! Ha!!

  5. Love the candy corn marshmallows. Great job on the entire party.

  6. Adorable! These are so cute! Where did you get the scoops for the candies? I'm looking for something similar for an ice cream party I'm doing where guests can do their own toppings.



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