Thursday, January 21, 2010

Picnik..yes with a "K"

This is not your normal picnic post....
Not a picnic at's a Picni"k"
No fancy schmancy tablescapes...
I found a great program that I thought
I would share.
It is a photo editing tool I found online.
Great for blog posts too!
So, I had to share some pictures of my girls
that I took for Valentines gifts.
So many awesome and free tools
to edit your photos.
They do have some premium selections
that you can sign up for.
And for only $24 a year....I might just sign up.
Otherwise, you can use the other tools for free!
Like I did here.

One of my favorties tools on picnik!

Turning pictures to Black and White leaving some color!

Soften the picture and apply a vignette.
So, try out Picnik for yourself!
It is so much fun!
Oh, and did I tell you that you
can make yourself
Remove Wrinkles
LOSE 10 POUNDS! can do all that at Picnik!


  1. Sign me up! If I can lose 10 lbs WITHOUT having to diet, I'm SOLD!

    Cute pics of the girls!

    I can do almost all of this in Aperture (my Mac photo editing software), however, I don't know if I can do the black & white with a little color thing. Looks REALLY cool!

  2. I LOVE Picnik. I am not the best photographer, so I edit all my pictures in Picnik before posting on my blog. It's incredibly easy to use and really worth the money.

  3. I just discovered Picnik too!!! Thank you for all of your wonderful posts! I enjoy reading them =)


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