Monday, May 17, 2010

Balinesse Inspired Graduation

I was so taken back by the beauty of this
Balineese Inspired Graduation Party
found at D-Tales Events.
The Guest of Honor was from Bali
so, the party was completely inspired by
the cultural style.
The color palette was gold, yellow, and white.
I will let the beauty of this outdoor party
speak for itself!

Pathway leading guests from the cocktail area to the dinning area.
Clothes line used to hang lanterns and clothes pins used to
hold Polaroid pictures.
Serenity now....
Love the long tables with Indonesia style eating low to the ground.
Beverage napkins with natural elements.
The view at night...
That was one graduation party...
Maybe I should go back and get my Masters!

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  1. wow! how magical! I love the lanterns and table setup!

    Kim @
    party inspiration


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