Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whooo's 3?

My sweet little girl turned 3 yesterday
and we celebrated this weekend with an
Owl Themed Party!
She loves owls!
This was a fun one to put together
and has quickly become a very popular
theme it seems this year!
I decided on Pink, Brown and Yellow
for a color palette.
On with the details....
Sweets, Sweets, and more Sweets!
Cotton Candy, Whoppers, Chocolates, Gum Balls and More!

Ceramic Owl Pots served as the favors.
I made the tags with the saying
"Thanks for Coming
It was a Hoot!"

Thar cake was made by my favorite
local bakery
Cooper Street Bakery.

The kids had so much fun painting
their owls and owl houses.

Place Setting

For the place mats I cut brown
foam sheets into circles!
So, easy and they make these in every color!
Place a pink plate on top of the foam
then topped it off with a yellow plate.
My new favorite thing is to tie
the plates up with matching ribbon!
Thank you so much to Chris
for this wonderful idea!

Whooo don't love Cotton Candy?
I took big bags of Yellow and Pink
Cotton Candy and shaped them into balls
with a drinking cup!
I then put them on wooden dowels
and placed them in glass vases
filled with lemon drops!

And of course the birthday girl!

I ordered her shirt from Modern Frills!
She designed the shirt around the colors
of the party!
She was right on and super fast!
Check out all of her very cute designs
at her etsy shop!
Owl art design by the very talented

I had so much fun putting this together
and to see the smiles on all of the kids
faces made the day priceless!


  1. What a great party! Everything looks so perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great job you did! Seriously, so cute :)

  3. absolutely adorable!! love the owl pots and the sweet bar!

  4. This is super duper cute! I love the color combination!
    Thanks for the mention! ;)

  5. Adorable party!! Two questions...where did you find the cute owl graphics for your labels and where did you find those adorbale owl suckers!! Great Job!

  6. Everything looks great and I love the color scheme!

  7. LOVE the cotton candy on sticks!! Adorable!

  8. such a cute theme idea! I'll have to remember this one for the future..thanks for sharing!

  9. Really cute! Love the colors and all the sweets you used!

  10. GREAT JOB!!! :D Your children lucky to have you as a mom!

  11. Love all the details!! Super Cute!!

  12. This party is adorable!!!! Love all the details!!!

  13. love everything!! i have the same owl candy/mugs from walmart!!

  14. You did such an amazing job!! Everything looks perfect!

  15. AWESOME! I love the mugs and cotton candy sticks and the whole sweet table! I attempted my own Amy-Atlas inpired table too a couple weeks ago for my daughter's 3rd Bday. :)


  16. Love everything! All the deatis are beautiful? Where did you find thoses cute owl suckers?

  17. Love the party! You know I bought the same owl dishes from Walmart as well! I am taking it to Maddy's preschool on Friday. It won't be anything as beautiful as your party!!! Awesome Job!!!!

  18. CONGRATS! You were featured over on Kara's blog! :)

  19. Gorgeous party! I too would love to know where you found those adorable owl suckers.

  20. What a fabulous party! I especially love the sweet table!

  21. I don't think I ever commented on your party! It's did such a fabulous job!!

  22. This is so great! Fantastic ideas as well as eye candy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. What a great party. I would hate to be one of the parents from the children that were invited as you have set the bar really high!

  24. What a HOOT of a party!! :) I LOVE it! Your owl clip art is so cute...where did you find it? And I saw the idea from Chris also with the plates wrapped with ribbon and it's just such a cute idea. I think we are going to see more and more of that idea.
    Thanks so much for sharing your adorable party....I'd love to put in on my blog too, if you don't mind. :)

  25. LOVE IT! where did you find the owl mugs and the lollipops with owls on them??

  26. I love everything about this party! The colors are fabulous! How in the world did you make the sweets table backdrop? Please share!

  27. Love the party...I know I am very late at doing this, but I am going to post your sweet party on the Modern Frills Blog this week:) Thanks again for all of your sweet words!

  28. I am looking for my two girls b-day theme. This would be so cute! We were planning on having the party at a Nature Center. This fits perfectly!!

  29. Where can I find the wooden owls to paint?!? I am doing my baby girls first birthday in an owl theme and <3 everything you did. I see that the favor cups came from Wal-Mart does anyone know if they still have them? What department are they in? I am so excited and you did such a wonderful job. :)

  30. Jennifer-
    I found the wooden owls at JoAnn's Fabric and craft store. The Favor cups came from Walmart around Easter time. They were seasonal so, I am not sure if they would still have them.
    Thanks for visiting!

  31. Thank you for the info!! It was so funny when I found this page because I had already bought fabric for her dress and it is the same one hangging behind the table! I will be sure to check out JoAnns and I think I will try online for cups!! Thanks again!!

  32. I am planning an owl themed party for my one year old and would really appreciate if you can tell me where to find those adorable owl lollipops

  33. Hi, there. This is an adorable birthday party. Please credit the artist next time though, as I drew the owl illustrations that you used on the cards and tags. Thank you!

  34. Hi!! I'm in love with you party =D
    I've featured it on my new website.
    I hope portuguese people will get inspired and star making parties like this =D
    Thank you!

  35. This is so adorable! I am planning an owl themed party for my soon-to-be 3 year old and wondered what you used for your centerpieces and where you got the cute straws for your cups?


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