Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet Soaps

This week is going to be a wild one for me!
I am going to be traveling quite a bit.
My posts will probably be short and sweet
but full of great ideas!
I will be showcasing some great
ideas for party favors and gift giving!

My first new favorite find is

I have been having a serious sweet tooth lately...
I blame it on all of the fantastic holiday recipes
I have been seeing everywhere!

So, when I saw these I thought they might
be a nice alternative!

These would be great for a
sweets themed birthday or shower
Sweet French Macaroons...

Nice favor or gift packaging....

Mini Chocolate Donuts
Nice brunch favor idea

Chocolate Mint Bon Bons....

Mini Cotton Candy Cupcakes....

Need something to take to your Thanksgiving host...Here you go!

More seasonal with Caramel Apples....

And just a little something for your not so sweet tooth!
Fresh Buttered Popcorn!
Check out all their sweet and sassy soaps
at their Etsy Shop here!
Makes you want to wash your mouth
out with soap right?


  1. Um, hello yummy! Those are so awesome, thanks for sharing, heading over to her shop now!

  2. These are so much fun! Unfortunately, if I had them around my house, they would probably lead to cravings for the actual sweets!

  3. These are all so fabulous! And the packaging is beyond amazing!


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