Monday, November 8, 2010

Tori and Dean Vow Renewal

I absolutely love this show!
I have followed Tori Spelling forever!
I remember sitting in my sorority house
watching 90210 with the girls!
Now, I am watching all of the fun
on Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood.

Well, I was watching last season and
during the episode of their vow renewal,
I spotted something very sweet!

One of my very favorite blogs to read
and goo goo gaa gaa over for their
fantastic desserts!
I couldn't wait to see the pictures from
the vow renewal and they are up
with much anticipation by me!!!

Here are some of the details from the lovely day!
One of my favorite color combos:
Yellow and Gray...

I love the off set back drop for the cake.....

Speaking of cake....Gorgeous!

Mini hand painted cakes.....

Check out this it!

Who would've thought of this as a display for
a vow renewal?
So cool...
Tags read:
Toss a feather,
Celebrate forever!

Photos were taken by Elizabeth Messina

You must go over to
to see all of the photos!
The desserts are to die for!


  1. Sweet and Saucy was on Amazing Wedding Cakes on TLC...watched it last night!

  2. I love Tori too! She always throws the cutest kids parties! :)

  3. beautiful.. Love that show too! She is such a good party planner!

  4. I love Tori and Dean...They always make me laugh!
    The vow renewal was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That shoe display is fabulous! This dessert table is so beautiful!


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