Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Hail" Mary Bar

I am so excited to share with you
my next party idea!

The "Hail" Mary Bar!
Make your own Bloody Mary's
for your next football themed party!

I have been working on this idea for weeks now,
and I finally had a chance to put all of my printables
and bar together this weekend.

I decided that I wasn't really happy with my
football printables and that everything for
the Superbowl was the same old stuff!

So I decided to come up with some printables
and theme that was manly but beautiful.

I love the rust, blues and grays!

The entire table set up!
I used blue and rust colored bottles for the vodka,
mason jars for the glasses and galvanized buckets
for the garnishes.

The mason jars included a
"Hail" Mary tag and a mini Tabasco bottle!
After all, everything is cuter in there mini versions!

Garnish Labels included
limes, pepperocinis, pickled okra, olives,
lemons, celery, pickles, and green beans.

Build your own skewer!

Coordinating banner to
tie in the football themed day!

You can find these printables in my new ETSY shop!


  1. THIS is such a FUN & clever idea! I love it!

  2. These are great! I agree that a lot of the superbowl stuff does start to look the same!


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