Monday, January 10, 2011

Mad Hatters Tea Party

I have been "informed" by my 6 year old that
for her birthday she wants to Mad Hatter
to attend.

So, I guess it is full on Mad Hatter Tea Party
planning around here.

If you have ever searched the Internet
for inspiration you know there is no
shortage of ideas!

I did find a party that I had not seen
before floating around.

Check out this super cute party
from Daria Bishop Photography.
Click on the pictures for a larger view.

Check out this set up!

Those poms are so cute!
I love the button detail in
the middle of the flowers.

Are these cupcakes to die for?
Check out the rose one
bttom row right side!
Such Detail!
Just like the movie!


  1. What a table setting... Wonderful decorations! What fun!

  2. So incredibly cute! I love the use of lots of bright colors! Can't wait to see what you put together!

  3. Oh this is SO pretty! I love the colors you've used here and how it takes a diversion from the Alice in Wonderland and makes it more delicate. Beautiful!

  4. Wow, the Mad Hatter himself would think he had died and gone to Wonderland! I'm sure your daughter will have a great themed party, with you crafting it!


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