Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Picasso Art Party!

My sweet little girl turned 4 last week and
had been talking about an Art Party for months!

It was the first time to invite classmates over
to her house for a party and she was beaming
with excitement!

I have so many pictures so bare with me
in this super size of a feature!

The little artist were greeted by a
birthday balloon wreath!
So super easy!  You must make one! 

And my Sweet Birthday Girl!
Don't you love that shirt!
The ever fabulous Kristina at Modern Frills never disappoints! 
 They are great shirts! 

The first task for my Mini Picasso's
were to make Picasso Pops!
My daughter's help me smash up colorful candies
and place them into bowls divided by colors.
Each guest made their own lollipops!

I wish I had pictures of the finished product...
however I had my hands full!
(Note to self:  Hire a Photographer!)

After making their Picasso Pops,
each little artist found their art supplies
in the Art Cubby that I set up.

Next, my little artists were off for a little
sand art fun!

After finishing their sand art, they painted
their own Picasso Masterpiece.
The kids were so creative! 
Who needs a little treat?
The kids had a little snack with painting
from these fabulous Kandy Kones

Starving Artist?
Yes, after all of that hard work, it was time to eat!

I kept the table design simple.
A row of colorful pails with matching pinwheels lined the table.
I cut the place mats out of colorful foam sheets
and added the dots to make a painters palette.

I tied up the gable boxes with a tag that
read "Starving Artist" and attached a paint brush
for a little added touch.

After all of that fun and lunch....
it is time for some sweets right?

Raibow Lantern hung above the Sweets Table...

I knew I had to have this ruffled table skirt as soon as
my daughter said "Art Party"!

The sweets table included this Fabulous Cake,
Cupcakes, Painters Palette Cookies, Colorful Gumballs,
Crayola Jelly Bellies, and last but not least..
Rainbow Cake Push Cakes!

The kids all made their own gumball masterpiece
to take home with them.

I had so much fun making the push cakes!
I had a little snag with the box displays
and had to serve them upside down,
but worked.

If you are looking for a tutorial to make you own
push ups head over to this post:
Rainbow Push Up Tutorial and Recipe
Looking for your own push ups?
You can find them here:
Simply Creative Printables

The kids loaded up their Art Cubby with Sand Art,
Paintings, Gumballs, and this fun little favor!

The favors were 4 small containers with
colorful playdoh in each. I tied them up with
some twine and included a mini polling pin,
and heart shaped cookie cutter on top!

I had so much fun planning this fun and colorful party
for my daughter!
Art is such a fun activity for little ones!

Needing to plan your own Art Party?
Here is a list of useful Vendors to help:

Party Printables:  Simply Creative Printables
Push Up Containers:  Simply Creative Printables
Gable Boxes:  Container Store
Birthday Shirt:  Modern Frills
Stripped Lunch Bags:  Sweet Shop Lulu
Kandy Kones:  Posh Party Pretties


  1. Oh my goodness, so many perfect details!! I think I need that balloon wreath tutorial!

  2. Adorable party! I love all of the colors!

  3. So super cute! LOVE the starving artist-so clever! Where did you find the cute ruffled table cloth? I SO need that ruffled skirt for our cantina table fiesta!

  4. Love everything you did! Great colors! I especially love the rainbow table skirt, lanterns and rainbow push pops!

  5. The details (and obvious love!) you put into this art party are just amazing! You didn't miss a thing...from activities to decor to food to favors. All so perfectly conceptualized. Applause, applause!

  6. So much fun... colorful... gorgeous... OMG I LOVE it all!! Especially love that tablecloth!! Fabulous party, I am sure the kids had a blast!!

  7. I LOVE the the "Starving Artist" clever...and the ruffle table skirt is beautiful!
    Great Party with amazing details! Great Job!

  8. Amazing, I love all the fun and colorful details!

  9. You did an amazing job, love everything! Smiles~ Noelle

  10. You can do anything..I am convinced! I love the rainbow push pops! Another great party!

  11. Love this. Where did you find the rainbow laterns? And the ruffle skirt?

  12. Everything looks GREAT!!!! You did such a wonderful job!

  13. fantastic! my big girls will be 5 & 3 in September & i've already started planning their 'rainbow' birthday party. do you have a link to pushpop containers?

  14. Oh my goodness!!...what a fabulously creative art party! I would love to know where you purchased the containers which held their art supplies for the party and the small clear paint pails for the gumballs? Too cute and you did a fantastic job!

  15. Thanks you guys for the wonderful comments! To answer a few questions:
    The lanterns came from pier one, the ruffled table skirt was made by a family friend, the art pails came from dollar tree, and the mini clear paint cans came from the Container Store. Hope that helps! Oh and I sell the push up containers but inam out. Hope to have them back in my etsy shop soon!

  16. Hey Brandy! Just reading this awesome post. Love, Love, Love this party! Might just be my favorite one of yours! Hope she had a blast! It's hard to believe she's already 4...

    K. Hill Langwell

  17. Wow! You put so much thought into it.
    I would have loved something like that when I was younger.
    I especally like the balloon wreath, looks great.

  18. SO beautiful. So much attention to detail and so kid friendly. I can tell how much love and talent went into this one. Adore.

  19. Your parties and attention to detail are always phenomenal! My question is about the pushpop cakes. I have a party coming up that I have to make about a hundred of these things. How long in advance can I make these without them going stale? They look super easy to do but I'm betting they are time consuming!

  20. Heap family-
    They are a little time consuming. I baked the cakes 2 days in advance and assembled them the day before. I just kept them in a cool place over night. Hope that helps!

  21. Hi...Your post really got me thinking man..... an intelligent piece ,I must say. Get more information about Art party .

  22. This is fabulous! I love how much LOVE you put into each detail! The playdough party favors are my favorite touch. :)

  23. WOW! I am a party nut myself but THIS party had my jaw dropping!
    I have never heard of push cakes, but they look amazing, and those COOKIES! Works of art too good to eat!
    Once all the ecement of your sist day dies down I'd love you to come by and link up your kids parties on my party linky - its open all year round (Ballon button in my sidebar)
    I hope you have a FUN SITS day - wow I am so impressed with your creativity and attention to detail.

  24. Oh and that was meant to say "Excitement"

  25. so, so. cute. I love the easels as place cards. You are so creative!
    Congrats on your SITS day!

  26. what an original party theme! Everything looks great.

  27. Wow, do you make house calls?!!?!?

  28. You are incredible—seriously! Not only are you unbelievably creative, your photos are beautiful. Do you have your own business yet? You should because I'd hire you!

    Congrats on your #SITs day—it's well-deserved!

  29. I cant wait to share this idea with my sister. She has a litle girl turning 4 wjo would love this idea.

  30. Looks like such a fun party. I have 2 girls (now 21 & 15), but I had so much fun planning their parties (I actually considered starting a party service because I had so much fun, but...)

    Happy SITS Day!

  31. I definitely need to read up on all of your posts. I've been creative in the past, but you make party planning amazing! My oldest wants a cowboy party so I am on the hunt. Thanks for such a great post!

  32. Super cute job! Adorable creations!! What a fun day for all the little ones! Happy SITS day!

  33. Oh how sweet and dreamy! You've given me some great ideas for my granddaughter's birthday

  34. How did you make the balloon wreath?

  35. Anonymous-
    Thank you for visiting my blog. You can find the tutorial to make the wreath on my blog by following this link:
    It was orgininally from the blog How Does She.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  36. I love the art theme! You did so wonderful with the whole party! It looks great! I do have a quick question though, how did you make those lollipops? What candy/materials do you need? I thought it would be fun to do them in red, pink, and white with my nieces as a Valentine's treat.
    Thanks in advance!

  37. I love the art theme! I am doing a art theme party for my daughter's 7th birthday and I was wondering where you got the sand and bottles from? Thanks in advance!

    1. I purchased the sand and the bottles at Hobby Lobby. I picked up the funnels at Pier one and the the scoops at my locaal restaurant supply store! I hope that helps!
      Have a great time!

  38. where do you get the mini rolling pins?

    1. I purchased the mini rolliong pins at Micheals Craft Stores. Hope that helps!

  39. Hi - I love this. I am planning an art party for my 5 year old and I love the picasso pops. Can you tell me how long you bake them and if they hold together well after baking? Did you use jolly ranchers or something else?

  40. Hi,
    Where do you get the ruffled table skirt? I love it!

  41. Hi - I love this. I am planning an art party for my 5 year old and I love the picasso pops. Can you tell me how long you bake them and if they hold together well after baking? Did you use jolly ranchers or something else?

  42. Erin
    Sorry I haven't been able to concentrate on my blog. Family and life get busy!
    Follow this link for directions:

    1. Thank you so much. I really loved your art party and ideas. Thanks for the directions for the pops.

  43. oh my goodness how adorable! but how much did you spend?

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I probably spent around $200 for everything. I love to hit up the dollar stores and make most things myslef. Including the food!

  44. Your site has been extremely informative and its featured content helps in the process of what is being created on the web. Keep it up. Blue Nude

  45. This is so awesome I am have a art party for my daughter in Sept. Where did you get the little containers that the play dough is in?


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