Monday, June 13, 2011


Ok, I have to admit I have been a bad blogger!
I am really having a hard time finding balance since
school is out for the summer!
Anyone else?
It is like I am on Summer Vacation too!

So, with that...I am sharing a cocktail that
is fun and would be great for the 4th of July
and to celebrate my Dallas Mavericks
winning their first NBA title!

Smores Martini
*Recipe courtesy of

Served rimmed with
graham cracker and marshmallow creme...Yum!!!


•1 ounces vodka
•16 ounces chocolate liqueur
•1 64- ounce pitcher
•1 graham cracker
•1 jar marshmallow creme
•16 martini glasses 
•1 bag wooden skewers
•1 bag miniature marshmallows


•Pour vodka and chocolate liqueur into pitcher and stir.
Refrigerate for at least several hours until the mixture is very cold.

•Crush a graham cracker in a plastic bag, then pour the crumbs into a small bowl.

•Dip a finger into the jar of marshmallow creme,
 then run it around the rims of your martini glasses to lightly coat.
 Next, dip each glass into the bowl of graham cracker crumbs and
shake the bowl gently to cover the marshmallow creme with crumbs.
•If you have a grill going (or even better, a fire pit or chimney),
offer each guest a wooden skewer and three mini marshmallows to toast over the flame
(put the grill on high for the best browning).
 Note: Although the skewer package may advise soaking the skewers
 in water for at least 20 minutes, it's not necessary for this recipe.

•Pour about 3 ounces of the drink mixture into each of the prepared glasses and serve,
letting each guest slide their roasted marshmallows into their drink for garnish

Make you own drink garnish....
How fun is that?


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