Monday, June 8, 2009

Bachelorette Watch Party!

I LOVE this party!
I don't think I have missed a Bachelor or Bachelorette season yet!
So, when I clicked over to Designs by Kendall
I was super excited to see her party!
Check out all of the details!

Jillian(the bachelorette for those of you that don't watch) has a theory regarding men and hot dog toppings!
So, of course there were Hot Dogs at the party!

Super Cute Display!

Striped and solid scrapbook paper were used to create detail elements like
cupcake picks,napkin rings, beverage signs, drink markers and more.

My favorite part of the d├ęcor was the cupcake toppers!!
Cupcake pictures toppers of all 30 of Jillian’s potential suitors.
Can you imagine checking out the cupcakes?

Usually you are just trying to decide between Vanilla or Chocolate!
Those were some Good Lookin' cupcakes!


Carlos Rossi Sangria
Garnished with lemon, lime and orange slices
The Drink Markers are such a
great and inexpensive idea!

Party games
Kendall created sheets with a picture, name, age, hometown and
profession of each of the Bachelors.
Before the rose ceremony they paused the show and
each guest had to choose who they thought would move on.
The person with the most right would be awarded with a bottle of wine and a trashy magazine.

Love the idea of the wine and "trashy" magazine!

Thanks Kendall for the Inspiration!

Check out all of the details and more on her blog!


  1. Oh my goodness this is crazy! I love it! I have to admit that I watch these shows too. This would be so fun to do. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for featuring my party! You're too sweet!

  3. I am thinking that I will definately have to try out this party theme for the finale! Thanks Kendall for your inspirations!

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