Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pop Art Tween Party

I love the colors and designs of this "tween party"!
This would be easy to recreate for a sweet sixteen party!
That is the cake!

Cool Entry sets the tone of the party

Table centerpieces repeats the pop art

The birthday girl had a photobooth and made her own pop art from the party!

Each guest took home a frame with some very cool pictures!

And how about a cute little pop art t-shirt!

Treat your young guests to milk shots and all kinds of delicious brownies!!

And finally some colorful candies set up for the guest to take as well!

What a fun party!

Oh to be young again.....

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  1. This is adorable! My daughter would LOVE a party like this too, but thankfully she is not a teen yet...just seven :)

  2. Oh I do love this party! How fun.

  3. Very fun party idea! Thanks for sharing!


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