Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School Party

Well, the bell has rung on this back to school party!
The kids had so much fun!
And, I had even more fun putting it all together!
All the details...
W is for Welcome Sign...

C is for Class List.....

B is for Border... on the Buffet table
T is for Time for School....

C is for Centerpiece...filled with apples, crayons, rulers and pencils!

P is for Pencils.....this was so easy to decorate for!

D is for Drinks......I made striped drink tags with Green Tea for the Mommies

L is for Lunch Bags....
filled with sandwiches, goldfish and fruit snacks!

B is for Bus Craft......the kids were so creative!

S is for Show and Tell...
The kids all brought something to show about their summer!

H is for in pencil hunt!
You know like Easter but with the candy tied to a pencil!
They were gone in seconds!

B is for Bake Sale...
I set up a School Bake Sale with all kinds of goodies...
Rice Krispy Treats
Marshmallow Pops
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pretzel Crayons
and Cupcakes!!!
Click to enlarge the photos!

C is for Cupcakes......

I printed out pictures of the kids and attached their heads to
a girl or boy on riding a scooter! The kids thought they were hilarious!
I have to say that this was probably my favorite!
Check it out! They look like mini-mes!

H is for Happy Tickets....
After completing all of their assignments...
the kids were given Happy Tickets to spend
at the back sale!

R is for Rice Krispy Treats....
M is for Marshmallows....
Love this face!

P is for Pretzel Crayons...
I have seen these all over blogs lately...
Thought I would give them a try!

Well, this teacher is going into retirement!
Maybe she will be back for Halloween!


  1. so cute! love the pencil hunt, cupcakes and the show & tell idea! it looked like the kids had a great time & you did an amazing job!

  2. You have so many great creative ideas! So glad I found you. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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