Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh to be a kid again!

This amazing even was hosted by R. Jack Balthazar Events.
A movie themed premiere for an animated film featuring 3 distinctive "environments".
The first area was "Sunny Florida" featuring Oranges, Gerber Daisies, Seashells and Sand!
The tables were picnic tables with umbrellas to give that outside feel!
They were decorated by large Beach Buckets filled with Sand, Sun Hats, Sunglasses and more! All of the things you need in "Sunny Florida"!

The next area was a "Schoolhouse Cafeteria" theme. Long cafeteria tables were set up with arrangements in metal lunch boxes. The lunch boxes were filled with Wheatgrass, Apples, Daisies, Rulers, and Pencils. Very cute and inexpensive centerpieces!

The final area was the "Mad Scientist Lab". I absolutely love this idea! Tall glass cylinder vases filled with water then, they added blue plants and blue glass "bubbles". The best part about these were the Safety Glasses on the front! GENIUS! I love it! They also had smoking beakers on the cocktail tables! Think...Mad Scientist Party for a little boy! Or girl....I can't leave them out of course!

Hope you enjoyed!

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