Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to School Flashback

Last year my first born took her first step into Kindergarten.
It was such a big event for us!
I wanted to ease the anxiety of it all so,
I hosted a Back to School party.
Here is a flashback to all of the details!

Class list on the front door greeted the kids
Name Plates for lunch
And chocolate covered pretzels crayons!

Brown sack lunches and
cupcakes at the back sale
I made these cute little cupcake toppers with each kids picture
They turned out so cute and the kids loved them!

Everything was labeled
"D" is for Drinks
"P" is for Pencils
"L" is for Lunch

The kids had a pencil hunt,
show and tell,
and several crafts .
At each station they earned tickets to spend at the back sale!

There is one thing that I have learned looking back this party...
I did not take very good pictures!

I have considered hosting another Back to School party
No details as of yet!
Anyone else making Back to School party plans?


  1. I am! We did one two years ago, and this year we have several friends going to Kindergarten so it will be extra special!

  2. I am too. My 'baby' is starting pre-school. The crayon pretzels are on my list to make (so cute). I love the idea of a pencil hunt!

  3. So cute! could use here in Brazil, kid´s are getting read to go back to school after winter break!

  4. I loved this party last year! I was so BUMMMED when my boys said they were too big to have a back to school party! :( I may post our back to school party later this week.

  5. Too cute! I'm dying to do a 'Back to School' party...1 more year till kindegarten!!


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