Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Under the Sea 6th Birthday Party

Last weekend my daughter celebrated
her 6th birthday.
She wanted an Under the Sea Party but,
didn't want it to involve Aerial!
That's my girl!!
Here are the details from the party!
As many of you know I started with the colors
Turquoise and Orange.
The colors were so fun to work with!
The main table was decorated using simple patterns
of polka dots and stripes.
I thought the polka dots looked like bubbles.
I cut large craft foam into fish shapes.
Then I used turquoise and orange accents.
White plates, orange napkins, and turquoise utensils
set the table.
I covered plain white cups in coordinating scrapbook paper and
added the turquoise and white striped straws to top it off!
I hung fish nets behind the table and
made a fish banner.
Main Table Details....

Fish Net Backdrop and Hanging Poms!

The Place Cards are one of my favorites on the table!
I used small acrylic dip cups for the place cards.
I filled them with turquoise sand and
placed clementines topped with a
drink umbrella inside.
The girls loved them!

The centerpieces are probably my other favorite!
I just filled different sized cylinder vases with
blue tinted water.
I added the goggles to make it young and fun!

The sweets Table was a fairly simple one this time.
Cake, Rice Krispy Treats, Popcorn and Marshmallows.
I used coordinating scrapbook paper on the
plates to add more interest to the table.

I made the number "6" sign to hang above the
Sweets Table out of tissue paper with
a cardboard back!

The activities included Sand Art, Necklace Beading,
and a Treasure Hunt.
The sand art was a big hit!

The girls took home treats and prizes
from the treasure chest in these
Chinese Take out boxes!

I found these at the
Dollar Tree ladies!!
This was the first time to make all of the labels myself.
I sure do have a whole new respect for
all of you graphic designers!
I will be purchasing these
next time I have a party!
I had so much fun and survived a party
that included a sleep over that night!


  1. It turned out GREAT! I love the goggle idea and the use of the orange for the place card!

  2. LOVE turquoise and orange together! Love all the details... fish net looks fabulous, the oranges as placecards, the blue water containers... all looks great!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  3. I love this! What a wonderful idea. I just did a huge candyland party for my children last weekend and was so excited to see this party. I'm going to do something similar for my kiddies next year! What are those little balls under the popcorn? Your table was beautiful!

  4. LOVE this. The table set up is fabulous. The goggles on the vases are adorable! I think the dessert table looks amazing. Also love the sand art. Awesome details!

    kristy @http://thepurplepug.blogspot.com/

  5. You did such a great job. I love everything!!

  6. Great job! Love everything. So creative!


  7. You did such a FABULOUS job!! I adore the goggles on the vases! So creative!

  8. That looks like such an adorable party! You did a GREAT job!

    I just love the colors and decorations, I love it all!

    And happy belated sixth birthday to the birthday girl. :D

  9. Everything turned out so wonderful! You did a great job and I LOVE the goggles!

  10. Love it all!!!!!!!!! Especially the goggles and the sand art craft!!! So awesome! Look for a feature on my blog this afternoon!

    -Wendy @ www.whimsyandwise.blogspot.com

  11. What an awesome party! Every detail is A-Mazing!! The dessert table is simple and super cute!

  12. So So So adorable. The centerpieces are just the cutest.

  13. SO CUTE!!!! wow! amazing :) i am sure your daughter loved her party!

  14. Oh goodness, WHAT an awesome party! I love love love how the little blue wrapped (I'm guessing they are chocolates?) balls look like bubbles for the popcorn cones! What a fabulous job you did, I'm sure you daughter felt so, so special :)

  15. Love, Love, Love...what else can I say!!! Such an eye for detail and love the colors!!!


  16. Oh my goodness....I can't believe Abby is 6! Please tell her "Miss Terri" sends her love! What a precious party you put on! God certainly has given you an amazing talent...thanks for sharing it with us!

    :0) Terri

  17. So cute! Love great finds at the dollar store!

  18. Hey! I'm catching up on my blog reading! I love all the little details. I think my fave are the goggles! Too cute.

  19. SUPER cuteness! love everything you do!

  20. wow!
    I LOVE this party!
    I LOVE the goggles...might have to borrow this idea..for another party!
    Sand art tied it together..
    What are the blue "bubbles" in the popcorn cone holders?
    Great Job!!!!!(we all know how much time, work and love goes into your special events)

  21. Wonderful party! I love parties that don't involve a character. The colors are great, and the whole set-up is fantastic!

  22. I am floored by your creativity. Your ideas are just great. My kids are grown, but I am filing this party away for future granddaughter usage.

    I especially love your blog backgrounds...same one as mine! : )

    Visit me

  23. Um....AMAZING!! Love love it. These are the colors I used for my Son's Wedding Rehearsal supper last summer, with a fishy theme too. :)

    Please share how you got those popcorn cones to stand so nicely. :)

  24. FABULOUS! Love every little detail!

  25. Lovely party. I love the way you really held yourself to the color palette. Makes all the difference in the world!

  26. What a fun party! I love the table, especially the goggles on the water vases. Totally fun. Sand art is a great activity idea as well. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Awesome party....just wondering where you get the popcorn and sand art buffet/place cards?

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comments. I made the labels myself. I would be glad to help you with an order. Just contact me through my shop at


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