Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1920's Style Birthday Bash

This past weekend my husband and a good friend
celebrated their 40th birthdays!
We decided on a 1920' style speakeasy/Prohibition party.
We hired a casino company to run the gambling portion of the party.
If you are in Dallas and ever need a casino company
look no further than Ante Up!
They were great!
On with the party....
The Guests of Honor...
Photo Booth...
We had a blast with the frames.
One of my favorite pictures below is one of my
best friends pregnant belly in the frame!
I used wooden crates for the centerpieces.
I first stacked them on top of each other
then filled them with shredded paper
and placed moonshine bottles inside.
I used clip art to create all of the labels
and hung pearls from the crates.
By the way...the bottles are Carlos Rossi Sangria jugs!
Shady Lady Saloon...
One of my favorite labels!
Cocktail Tables and Florals...
Lamps and decor....
Sweets Table....
Cakeballs and Mini Desserts
Lemon Raspberry, Chocolate Kahlua, and Cheesecake
I made all of the dessert labels with Chandelier clip art.
Mason Jars...
These made for the perfect 1920's drinking glasses.
I made special drink labels for the glasses.
Party Goers...
We had so much fun and everyone looked amazing!


  1. I love the idea of 1920's style party! Very nice~ !

  2. This is great and the food looks fabulous! What do you have in the martini glasses? Do you have a recipe for it, it looks great!

  3. I heart this theme! Looks like an awesome time!

  4. LOVE it! I'm sending this to my hubby... I want this for my 3oth! :)

  5. cannot say enough good things about this party! so creative and all the details were fabulous! Great great great work and it looks like so much fun too!

  6. This was one awesome party! Love all the details. Great job!

  7. by the way, the centerpieces are so fun!

  8. OH my goodness..I love this!! Reminds me of the 20's party I did last November. It's neat to see another persons ideas on the same theme. I love your centerpieces, the food display, the decor....well...EVERYTHING!! :) Great job!

  9. Brandy, this is Sensational! LOVE,love,love!!
    Wish I were there! ;D

  10. It looks like you have a great time and it is a great idea to enjoy their birthdays with 1920s theme party. You even get some alcohol to match your party.

  11. Is there any way that you could tell me where you got your crates from? I am trying to find these and I can't find them. Please email its_worth_the_squeeze@yahoo.com. Thank you!


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