Monday, June 28, 2010

Fakesciles Favors

This very cute idea is the work
Genevieve at Celebrate Today!

All the cuteness of a Popsicle without the mess!
Super cute favor for summer parties!
I love the use of the cupcake stand too!

Remember the old frozen Rocket Pops?
I think these would be cute
as 4th of July favors
if you could add
layers of red, white and blue
Bubblegum balls or Jellybeans!
I better start looking for gum this week!
And it is the gift that keeps giving
since you can use these again to make popsicles at home!
So sweet!


  1. Awwww!!! <>
    Brandy, TY SO MUCH for featuring my "fakesicles" on your fabulicious blog!!!! They're crazy easy to make, plus the kids (& moms) from Super Sophie's preschool LOVED them!!! I even got an email from one of the moms saying that after eating the candy her little man started making apple juice pops... like every day!!!! SO CUTE! =)
    Thx again superchick! You rock!


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