Monday, August 16, 2010

Unique Baby Shower Gift

I am currently working on a Sip and See
for a very good friend of mine.
I hope she is not reading this
because I am definitely wanting to
get her these!
I was thinking of making a diaper cake
and these would make a cute
Initial themed diaper cake!

Customizable disposable diapers from

These would pep up diaper changes

and bring a smile to the face of any mom and dad!

By the way, I have never made a
diaper cake...
Any Suggestions?


  1. What a cute find! Can't wait to see what you do!

  2. Those initial diapers are adorable.

    I like to use clear hair ties to secure the diapers in individual rolls rather than wrapping the diapers all around each other. I've tried both and that just seemed like the easier way to be able to pull out diapers later.

  3. If your friend likes champagne or wine, I would put a bottle in the middle and it is a nice surprise to have once the baby is here. I also like to stuff little things like baby lotion, shampoo, etc. in the diaper cake.
    Can't wait to see everything!

  4. I agree with CJ. Here is my tutorial I reposted:

  5. I am co hosting a shower luncheon at the end of the month-these would be such a cute addition!

  6. Love these!! Definitely keeping these in mind.

  7. wow.. very cute design of pampers.. I love it..

  8. The Diaper cakes are actually really simple and you can customize them however you like. You may take a look at the ones I've made at my website.

  9. Gorgeous collection of baby shower gift ideas which is extremely informative for me. Looking for some adorable and cute baby shower gist ideas got from your fabulous review.Completely enjoyed your well-crafted beautiful pieces.


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