Monday, February 7, 2011

Super "sweet" Party

I feel in love this weekend!'s not what
you are thinking!

I am a married women!
I mean Party love!
I saw this featured over at White Library.

Check out this very sweet
Neapolitan ice cream inspired 1st birthday bash
hosted by the talented mother behind Grand Soirées.

Serious.... First we have to check out the sweet Birthday girl!

Table Design:
Love how the floral arrangements look like ice cream cones!

Sweet Design:
Sophies sweet shop was designed by the ever clever and talented
Melody of the Sweet and Saucy shop.

The cake is a fitting white, brown and pink
mimicking the Neapolitan ice cream colors!
And Check out that fondant ice cream cone on top!

Vendor list:

Event Styling by: Grand Soirées

Florals by: Jen K Floral Design

Desserts and Sweets by: Sweet & Saucy


  1. Oh how pretty! That little girl is just adorable, and I love the color combo! Sweet & Saucy is awesome and I wish I could afford everything in their shop!

  2. AH! Cutest baby EVAR! The party is so adorable. If there's anyone who loves an ice cream party its this gal!


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